The mask was delivered suddenly but slowly…(#4)

Various events will stop from the end of February 2020.
Although it is being eased in October, it’s still isolated.
In the midst of that, in early spring, it was decided that two masks would be provided in Japan.
It is a so-called “Abenomasks(アベノマスク)”.

As we all Japanese know,this white cotton masks, named from former Prime Minister Abe, who resigned due to poor physical condition in September, looks just like an elementary school lunch mask.
Even so, the fabric is made of multiple layers, and there are detailed differences such as no vertical and horizontal stitches.
Since it doesn’t have a three-dimensional effect, it may look a little stupid when worn.
Due to its influence, not a few people are using it.
The supply and distribution of non-woven masks may have been normalized.

But we don’t use it even though we got it? –that mind is “MOTTAINAI
so It started from here.

I hate putting on a mask in the first place.
If you put on a mask all the time, it’ll make my face and lips be easily dry or cut, like sleeping in a blanket.
I couldn’t choose to buy when it was out of stock.
And I have no hay fever, and anyone need these than me.
However, the pieces of “Abenomasks” was given. So I couldn’t make any excuses.
After the state of national emergency of Japan was lifted, the number of places, where you must put on a mask if you entry to, increased.
So for its convenience, I thought it’d better to put on a mask.
Among the term, I continue to use the Abenomask. That is for the following reasons.

① Toward the others, as a manifestation that I don’t regard “a mask” as a fashion item
② From the mind of valuing things (that is “MOTTAINAI”)

First is fir a kind of antithesis to the fact that the concept of “putting up with XX for fashion”
has been overturned very easily.
Though putting on a mask may put up with, it was a helpful item to consent between expressing by myself and denying my personality.
(Of course, I’m not denying just putting on a mask perfectly.)

Second is for the mind that is similar to tailored clothes.
By putting on these repeatedly, attachment grows and I want to take more care of these itself more.
It has a taste that is not disposable.

On the other hand, there are some notices.

・ Glasses are less fogged than 3D or non-woven
・ It stands out (because few people use it in Japan).
・ Sometimes there are”overlap” between someone
(It makes us feel complicated because of overlap putting on “UNIQLO” between someone in the 00s)
・ There are no upper and lower seams, so it makes nose itchy due to unraveling.
···And so on.

There is a lot of noise in the world about putting on a mask and preventing from the infection.
Let’s say, demonstrations are held in protest of putting on it, and even sad news such as casualties will occur.
By all means, the delivered goods were sent to be used.
You have a right of choice, certainly.
Therefore I tried to put on it as an “anti” fashion icon and an alternative to non-putting on.
I realized that I wanted to use it carefully after.
This is the kind of attachment and affection mentioned above.
If it is torn, it may be repaired and patched like Prince Charles’ suit or leather shoes, giving it a different taste.
When that happens, even if the wreck of the virus comes to an end, it must have been replaced by a valuable item for me.



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