Just as there wasn’t the earth of “edge”, the road is always a passing point(#5)

There is a novel called “Kemo no Michi” written by Seicho Matsumoto, who is one of famous auther in Japan.
“Kemo no Michi” means a trail for animals.
In Japan, it’s the work that has been made into a drama and a movie many times.
The main character is Tamiko Narusawa, who the woman is former maid of a first -class Japanese restaurant.
The story begins when a man named Kotaki invites her to become the mistress of Kota Kito, the mastermind behind the political and business world, when she was a maid.
Tamiko lived with a husband who had a spinal injury, but she was just an object of obsession, a violent outlet for him.
One day, Kotaki said to Tamiko.

“Whta you need is not an entrance, but an exit now?”

Then Tamiko decides to set fire to her home, kill her husband at same, and become Kito’s mistress.

Exit is hidden …
By the way, there are various gastronomy around the world.
And people are getting excited and excited eating them.
At a moment, they will appeal to one’s senses and make people who eat be satisfied.
Good nutritional value is broken down and absorbed in the body,
becoming a part of blood and body, and helping to maintain good health.
Or it can be transformed into another shape such as excrement.
If the skin and muscles are transparent
The process to make “products” may be reproduced vividly like a human model image in a science room.
Having the exit will wait for the ugliness after filtering the beauty.
To be honest, it doesn’t look good and therefore makes us want to cover our eyes.
There is a cycle beyond the physiological phenomenon.
Even if you want not to see about it, you must actually repeat your desire.
The cycle blurs the boundaries of beauty and ugliness.
Impure acts will sometimes sublimate to holy acts due to anyone’s carefree interpretation.

Literally, entrance and exit co-exist in “one body”.

Relationship between toilet and ghost
There are many ghost stories about toilets in Japan.
It may be famoust, say the horror movie named ”Sadako”.
The reason may be that Toilet has any of inorganicity and filth makes us creepy.
In the past, like pit latrines were the mainstream in Japan.
There was a system to pump and change it into organic fertilizer,
and actually visual darkness in there until it does into a flush toilet.
Also, school toilets had the coldness of concrete, so these goes well with the ghost’s “creepy”.

Light on people’s “exit”,or attract interest and lead to sales
The developing toilet of Japan is the most progressive of the world.
The Japan Highway Public Corporation was dissolved and privatized in 2005.
As part of the improvement of services,
the beautification and modernization of toilets in “Parking Areas” and “Servise Areas” on expressways has progressed after.
In particular, NESCO Central Japan is thriving, and it seems that they are offering horribly clean toilets for free.

They are the pictures of “deluxe toilet” in Kariya Highway Oasis, Aichi, Japan

Because it is a place that tends to be emphasized as “use (that is, rest, toilet, nap, etc.)” such as PA and SA before.
Its changing might have been more noticeable.
In fact, there was inorganic nature that ghosts seem to appear in PA and SA.
shining light there not only changeing as an exit just to “use”, but also as an entrance part that attracts attention.

Physiological phenomena have no choises for race or nationality at all, and are closely related to peace of mind.
So it’s easy for people to go there.
In NESCO Central Japan, the sales of PA or SA seem to increase about 90 billion yen for 10 years, comparing with 2005(the first year of privatization).

At the beginning, in the case of Tamiko Narusawa, arson was her exit.
However, it was still in the middle of hell, in “Kemo no michi”.

PA and SA are still in the middle of the “road”.
People will be waiting for each dramas at the end of the “exit”.



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