History suddenly said “Hello” to us from the Ad in Japanese train(#6)

There are many ads in trains of Japan.
The almost is that paper advertisements are hung or sandwiched between walls, not digital signages.
Interested in the ad is the hair removal salon among several ones.
Ads for hair removal salons are increasing recently.
There are ads for men as well as women.


The photo above is an ad for a hair removal salon called Ginza Color.
This company may target young women who are in early twenties.
Maika Yamamoto in here, who is a actress and a female image character, was not only cute herself,
but also put on the lovely cloth.
The previous model used to put on a satin dress, but now both men and women tend to be a little more casual.(It may be easier to understand the target group now)

Men’s shirts and women’s knit buttons are sewn on opposite sides.


Because they are the remnant of an era in which “men dress by themselves and women help someone to dress“.

There are various theories about the origin of clothes, but they are of Western origin and culturally develop downward from the wealthy.
For example, in the society, it was fashionable at that time to wear a corset that makes female waist unusually thin.
Of course, it’s hard to wear it by herself.
They went out to the society circles in that outfit, and the participators to this party were for the wealthy.
In short, they had financial power enough to hire their stylist.

From one scene of “Gone with the Wind”

It’s also important to remember that many people are “right-handed“.

In other words, the button of shirts’ or blouses’ position related to whether to be fastened for right-handed persons easily or not.

It may be also mentioned that there was no concept that women themselves would wear it in the first place.

Women’s clothing = evolved values
So they’re released with the passage of time.
That’s why women’s clothing has more freedom than men’s clothing.
Against this cultural background, “the opposite fastening” (that is, the buttons position that is difficult for right-handed women to fasten), including those with buttons such as blouses, is not the same fastening method as men, but full citizenship.
Rather than regard this as a “symbol of women’s disdain,” it dares to insist on “breaking away from the era.
This is an interesting piece that mixes old culture with a new technique called hair removal in contrast with man and woman together, peacefully.
Or the ad may indicate to be a new change in our consciousness.



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