Libido tighten Love through the PR of stocking(#9)

“Love tights” PR on Twitter was flaming

It seems that November 2 was tights day. On this day, Atsugi Co., Ltd., a major Japanese stocking maker and the company name is from the U.S military base in Atsugi,Japan, launched a PR of its own brand “Love Tights” on Twitter.
Among them, the flaming has become a hot topic now.
The reason for it is the slightly glossy animation and the words that explain it, and some say it’s “sexual consumption”, and some people have expressed a strong dislike.

A sheet of ATSUGI’s “Love Tights” PR Photo

I see, it’s racy.
Also, because it’s an animation, it may have an extra fantasy feeling, and the sexual hue may have been emphasized.
Animation holds human’s wishes.
Let it think from a different perspective.
For example, the gloss that complements a woman’s mouth looks sexy.
To look beautiful is also to “attract people“.
Therefore, it can be said to be a means of maximizing the sexual and physical appeal of an individual.
Of course, if people are for herself, she will be complacent, but it will be inseparable from sexual attraction such as sculptural physical beauty in men and curvaceous beauty in women.
However, the idea that women are consumed only by men may be a bit old-fashioned.
As long as humans have eyes, women can consume women.
With that in mind, the expression consumption cannot be denied in terms of subjectivity.
However, it’s a different issue as a corporate PR strategy, but it’s only necessary to choose not to buy if you do not like it as a premise.

Origin of stiletto heels

Compared some posters of European tights with Japanese ones, women’s tastes may be different each culture, but there is the impression that women with high sexual appeal = strong women.
In addition, most models, whether parts or full-body models, wear stiletto heels.
There is also a theory that stiletto heels are an item for crippling a woman, and that she imagines her legs when she feels sexual orgasm.
In other words, it has its origin as “a device that makes men have such a sexual association as a man’s property“.
It’s a little derailed, but this trend has created the custom of ladies first in European society.
It’s not Ladies First at all, is it?!
However, it’s undeniable that overcoming such times and enhancing the sexual appeal of women = the value of being cool was born.
Is it a feeling of “capturing” and “surpassing” men?
Is it like Madonna or Sharon Stone before?

Sharon Stone by “Basic Instinct”

It may not be said that women have been completely liberated, but they have a role to play, and in the process of liberating them, they have a history of showing off their own charm.
And stiletto heels have become a great item for women to compare with men.
Nylon stockings will bring out such attractive legs (including food to leg) and make them even more lustrous and beautiful.
The word “leg fetish” has citizenship in Japan, but there is something disproportionate to the disgust that the items worn by the legs are sexually emphasized by the animation.
But if you remove sexual attraction, it’s also a deception.
Eros is what Sigmund Freud calls “sexual emotions,” or, to tell it briefly, the energy of the person.
It’s clear that we are interested in such “sexual attraction” from the fact that it’s actually flaming.

Miss Ko2 was knocked down for $ 567,500

By the way, do you know the work “Miss Ko2” by contemporary artist Takashi Murakami?
It’s also his masterpiece based on a life-sized figure.

Miss Ko2(KoKo) (1997)

Emphasized curvaceous beauty with racy skirt length and animation.
How do you feel when you see this photo?
As in slang such as “F word”, it’s common in all countries that sexual elements are easily associated with vulgarity.
However, this work was knocked down at the Sotheby League auction for $ 567,500.
Even in the name of art, we sometimes see people who love pure innocence that separates economic and sexual elements.
That’s not bad at all, but can you declare the rich man for buying such an item without finding any value?
There is a strange apology from the companies involoved in it for someone about the flaming this time again.
Who do you require the apology if a company loses sales due to a mistake in its PR strategy?
If they want to aplogize from the sales down due to it, they should do in a general meeting of shareholders.
Again, the outcome is judged by the market, and if it’s bad, demand is taken away by other companies, that’s all.

Suit on bare skin

Finally, let’s take a look at the news that Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin had a reaction to appearing in a magazine wearing a suit with bare skin.
The cleavage of her breasts was faintly visible, and there were opinions that her behaver was “vulgar” or “cheap”.

It’s not a practical dress from some points, but it seems that suits are becoming more common on bare skin, especially as a European fashion photo.
The criticism toward her is just from her position as prime minister, and her supporters say that “it should be evaluated not by gender but by work performance.”
Of course, what you think when you look at the photos is different.

After all, what’s always bad is to force someone to do it.
It’s not that sexual consumption, but that it’s forced something is bad.
On the contrary, what is “pure libido”?
Without any sexual consumption, most people would probably not have existed in the world.
The sale of this Atsugi’s “love tights” quietly tells everything.
Let it check slowly.


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