Difference of two countries’ CONVERSE is emphasized by an “enthusiast”(#11)

The first female vice president in the U.S

Joe Biden, the candidate for the US presidential election, is sure to be elected, and a victory declaration has been issued, showing the appearance of the birth of a new president.
Senator Kamala Harris, who Mr. Biden will nominate as Vice President, is a woman of color and is expected to be the first female president
She is a Converse enthusiast, and she actually wore it during the election campaign.

Needless to say that “Chuck Taylor”, “Chucks”, and “CONVERSE” are trending on Twitter in the United States.

According to the article , it looks like this.

“This is minuscule in the grand scheme of things, but seeing Kamala Harris campaign in Converse makes me smile.
Women were not allowed to wear pants on the Senate floor until 1993.
We’re taught to push through the pain of wearing heels.
Now our VP candidate is rocking sneakers.”


I see, she’s won freedom and liberty.

“Converse” between Japan and the US are completely different companies

By the way, Converse, which is familiar in Japan, is not the same brand as the product that Senator Harris wears.
Converse Japan Ltd, which sells just toward the market of Japan, is a competitor to Converse, a subsidiary of Nike, in the U.S.
There is a domestic (Japanese / US) trademark issue between the two companies, and there is no capital or business alliance.
The reason for this is that Converse in the U.S went bankrupt once.

Well, if you’re not a Japanese Converse enthusiast, it’s just a confusing story though…

So, briefly, it’s like shoes that have grown in the mainstream US and the split Japanese market.
This is also a Kaizen and “Galapagosish” evolution …

The movement of “KuToo” fight to “unhealthy” high heels as well

There was a social movement called #KuToo since 2019.

The value of shoes was often despised because Japan has a culture of putting on and taking off shoes, when Japanese go to and out home, but there was room for consideration not only in terms of discrimination against women but also in terms of shoes and health.
But in Japan it’s strange because foot massage is so well known, but don’t they care about shoes?
However, there is an opinion that Japanese “Converse” has a thin sole and it hurts when walking for a long time.
This is also reproduced with a quality higher than that of the U.S in the MADE IN JAPAN model etc. (That’s a “Japanish”, just a little expensive though).

It’s hard to be Karima Harris, but…

The sneaker style that was highly evaluated in this election campaign, so it is a little difficult to imitate in Japan.
The reason is that it’s a little troublesome to get the U.S’ Converse with a thick sole.
However, it may be difficult for Senator Harris to use Japanese Converse as well.
Rather, she may even admire it.
You can do what she can’t do, and when you think about it, it’s faster to become yourself for Japanese that she can’t imitate, rather than being like her.






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