The “light and dark” with our physical culture and life(#12)

Focused on the clothing of Senator Kamala Harris,she appeared in a well-tailored American brand white pant suit at the venue for Biden’s victory declaration.
The “white” suit worn by women in Congress seems to have a special meaning.

Relationship between America and color

Approaching the stage, gradually remove the face mask and begin her speech.
By the way the Biden camp used “black” face masks throughout the campaig
Not surprisingly, Senator Harris also used the same black mask.

It’s said that the roots of the black face mask are from Korea and Japan, but it has a history of about 10 years.
It was not intended for prevention, but was mainly used by young people as a fashion item.
However, since the face mask itself was not used as much as it is now, many people feel so bad that it was so conspicuous badly.

The photo is a member of BTS’ of Korea

The black Niqab of Muslima has long been recognized for covering her face with a cloth.

The Niqab

Perhaps the black face mask is aimed at, just as the white suit was aimed at.
And “white” is a color associated with words such as “innocence“, “innocence“, and “justice“.

In fact, the Biden camp emphasizes the point of “diversity“, so it may have various meanings such as race and religion.
However, this time the focus is more on the use itself than on the color of the mask.

Moguro Fukuzo’s teeth

There is an famous animation named “Laughing Salesman” of Fujiko Fujio Ⓐ, that is the black humor manga, in Japan.
Mouroku Fukuzo is the main character of the story.

Picked up from the part of the story

“Men and women of all ages, the world is full of lonely people.
There was a salesman who filled the gaps in his heart and volunteered to fulfill every delicate wish.
His name is Fukuzo Moguro.
He is all black and has an eerie atmosphere that always smiles.
When it finds a person who corresponds to a “customer”, it provides a service to fill the “heart gap” and encourages them to strictly adhere to the accompanying “promise”.
When the provided service was executed and the “heart gap” was filled, it became “customer satisfaction” and became Moguro’s reward.
However, “customers” who have broken promises or greedily requested further services are regarded as “contract violations”, and as a penalty, they point their index finger at the “customer” and he shouted “Dawn!!!” and drove them to ruin. ”

translated from Wikipedia “笑ゥせぇるすまん”
Picked up from the part of the story

His face is very eerie and empasize by his “white and beautiful teeth“.
Also, as a “salesman”, he does “smile (friendly)” and “mouth (speaking)“, so his mouth is big and his teeth are not hidden all the time.

So when a person wear a white face mask that is a little bigger than the size of one’s face,there are moments when they feel like “Moguro”.

If Moguro’ teeth is changed to black, he may look like wearing a black face mask.
How about it?

… Dawn! !! !!


“Ohaguro” indicates it’s dyeing one’s teeth black by Japanese, and one of the once Japanese cultures.
There are many theories about its origin, but it’s said that it was introduced from the Korean Peninsula in the 8th century, and was originally one of the aristocratic tastes.”
It was performed as a rite of passage when becoming an adult, regardless of gender, and became younger as the times changed.
In the middle of the Edo period(the end of 17th- the first of 18th, the lifestyle of the high society did begin to permeate the common people.
It is the so-called “Genroku culture”.
By that time, men’s tooth black disappeared and became only for women.
It seems that making this teeth black was a tiring task.
Therefore, it has become a symbol of black teeth = married, as women can only be dyed when they are engaged or married as a turning point in their lives.
Also, black is not dyed in any color.
So, it seems that she was proud of suggesting “chastity” as the married woman.
In a practical meaning, it was effective in preventing teeth decay.
This is surprising!

These are both Ukiyoe of ohaguro

With like black teeth, the geisha painted the skin white with white powder.
However, in fact, until this white powder was changed to foundation, it was the mainstream of base makeup not only in Japan but also in the world.
(* That was for health reasons, to avoid the toxicity of “lead” that was used to make the skin whiter in Europe and Japan as well.)
The culture of makeup dates back to the time of Greek culture, and in the same way, it spread from aristocrats to the common people over time.
In other words, it can be said that it is the moment when “white” as a aesthetic sense was born.

White and black do not distinguish between light and dark

A few years ago, on New Year’s Eve, there was a TV show, that Japanese comedian’s face was painted black to imitate “Eddie” Murphy of Beverly Hills Cop.
At that time, the BBC and CNN picked it up and accused it of being discriminatory, and Nippon Television Network Corporation apologized later.
This seems to be from the “Minstrel Show”.

However, black face masks in the U.S also set them apart from Muslima’s Nikarb, Minstrel Show, and “the mask as bad fashion items in Asia”.
Or it may even jump at once easily.
It’s even better, whether it’s a face mask or a suit, is evaluated and selected as a purely beautiful color like the natural, momentary, and uncertain colors of “dawn” and ” twilight”.



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