The affair between “SHOKUGAN” and “UKIYO-E”(#13)

In Japan, an anime movie called “Demon Slayer [ Kimetsu no Yaiba (by Japanese) ]: Infinite Train” is currently being screened.
In the income of performance, it has already surpassed “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”.

From “Demon Slayer Infinite Train”

The main story is “Exterminate the demon” and “Regain the younger sister who became a demon”.

The plot type of “extermination the demon” has been around for a long time, and the famous one is “Momotaro”,that is the old tale.


In addition, the journey to find a surviving relative is one of a plot type that has appeared in various hit works so far.
Therefore, it may have been easy to accept.

When the additions is worth more than the additions …

By the way do you know about “Shokugan”?
It’s an addition like a toy or sticker and so on that one gets when purchasing it.

There was news that the Demon Slayer’s stickers as additions was removed and a large amount of wafers were thrown away without being eaten.

It may be for collection or resale and there are blames for the view of dealing with food poorly at the time.
But that is repeated.
Shokugan is an “addition”.
The “Bikkuriman-stickers” had been a social problem once.

that’s one of the “Bikkuriman’s stickers”

And it’s not “Shokugan”, but it had a similar phenomenon.

That is “AKB48’s ticket to vote”.

AKB48 is one of popular women idol group of Japan.

The “right” to vote at once time is attached to the purchased per one CD.
There was the news that one fan bought many CDs to vote for the special member who he likes and the CDs were removed the tickets were illegally dumped.

From AKB48’s election in 2010

Derailing, it looks like an electoral “fraud”, but not.
They bought the right to vote “legally”, if they bought the right to vote for a “party”, that’s wrong absolutely.
Demon Slayer or Bikkuriman’s sticker, and AKB48’s ticket to vote, all of these have in common that “value as the addition than the body”.
Also, it’s just an “addition”, so it’s not that expensive.
The above examples are all printed matter.
these is a level of several tens cent at the highest per sheet.
Originally, the addition is “priming” for the main body to be consumed.
If it’s reversed, it’ll be in the state of “with the main body attached“, so it’ll not be necessary to deviate from the purpose.

The History of “Addition” or “Appendix”

In “Shokugan”, there are many cases that the addition is more popular than the main body in the sense of “collection”.
However, the addition itself is still a “addition”, so it was selected printed things as a non-bulky, light to make it easier to carry.
Originally, paper balloons and prints were distributed as a addition from drug dealers.

these a printed for selling drug

After the WWⅡ, Glico started selling as “toys with food”.
Because there was the sales restrictions due to distribution control.
All aim is to product caramel resumed ahead of other manufacturers.

The history of “Glico’s additional toys”

In terms of printing, newspapers and magazines also have additional figures and supplementary sentences as an appendix,so these developed to toys and so on.

The magazine is in the begging of appendix

An “addition” is told “O-make” by Japanese.
That means the “losing”.
When the customer side negotiated with the store side, the store accepted to the discount.
So it’s the losing.
This etymology itself changed its nuance expandable over the course of time.

Ukiyo-e was popular in the West as well …

There is a famous story that the ukiyo-e “Hokusai Manga” used for filling pottery wrapping sent from Japan in the 19th century received high praise.

That’s “Hokusai-manga”

Whether or not the wrapping itself had an intent as an“addition”, it was a moment when new value was offered.

In other words, regardless of the intention, the difference in values ​​can change something like “garbage” to “having value”.

The “additions” was a history of commoditization of things providing an opportunity to make a difference.

So if the body “has only garbage like value” for somebody, it’s just like “garbage”.

However, even if one attaches the “Demon Slayer’s stickers” as an addition for Lexus of Toyota, Lexus won’t be thrown away.

Besides, one can’t buy lots of them in the first place.

In short, it may be said that such consumption was supposed to occur.

If the additional content is already valuable (popular), it’s usually bought by an economically viable adult (= adult buying).
However, though the content has become popular in magazines for basic children, the structure that children cannot get is a little distorted.

Or that “humiliating feeling” may be the cause of “adult buying” when becoming an adult.

The picture from Kinshi-cho station in Tokyo,Japan






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