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  • Checking the fashion about “Ramenman”(#20)

    Checking the fashion about “Ramenman”(#20)

    “Ramenman” has not only the Manchu queue , but actually wears costumes derived from the Qing dynasty like mandarin dress(Cheongsam) .The costumes is mainly treated as a formal in modern China.Is men’s costume the same as?After the Qing dynasty, there is “Changshan” (Cheongsam for men) and “Tangzhuang”, and after the founding of the People’s Republic…

  • “Ramen” was established like “one hair-style”(#19)

    “Ramen” was established like “one hair-style”(#19)

    The trend hair style is the Japanese version of “Manchu queue”? There is one of the trend hair style “ramenman hair” between young women in recent Japan. The name is derived from “Ramenman” that appears in the manga “Kinnikuman”. Decades after Muscle figure named “Kinkeshi” became popular between male children, why did it became popular…

  • “Cherry Blossoms” to blossom for future is …(#17)

    “Cherry Blossoms” to blossom for future is …(#17)

    Relocation of one “Sake factory” Recently, there was the news that the factory of its company called Michizakura Sake Brewery is relocated from Gifu to Hokkaido, in Japan. Cold water, good quality rice, and temperature control are especially important for making good tasteing sake.Combined with the effects of aging its factory and global warming, it…

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