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  • “Ramen” was established like “one hair-style”(#19)

    “Ramen” was established like “one hair-style”(#19)

    The trend hair style is the Japanese version of “Manchu queue”? There is one of the trend hair style “ramenman hair” between young women in recent Japan. The name is derived from “Ramenman” that appears in the manga “Kinnikuman”. Decades after Muscle figure named “Kinkeshi” became popular between male children, why did it became popular…

  • Aesthetic bowls circulate like the “Fountain”(#16)

    Aesthetic bowls circulate like the “Fountain”(#16)

    Do you know the incident of “Richard Mutt”? It started in April 1917, when a work signed Richard Mutt was sent to an art exhibition in New York, the U.S, and he was one of a judge in there. This exhibition was open for any artists if paying a fee. However, this work was rejected.…

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