“Ramen” was established like “one hair-style”(#19)

The trend hair style is the Japanese version of "Manchu queue"? There is one of the trend hair style "ramenman hair" between young women in recent Japan. “Ramenman hair” The name is derived from "Ramenman" that appears in the manga "Kinnikuman". "Ramenman" Decades after Muscle figure named "Kinkeshi" became popular between male children, why did … Continue reading “Ramen” was established like “one hair-style”(#19)

The affair between “SHOKUGAN” and “UKIYO-E”(#13)

In Japan, an anime movie called "Demon Slayer [ Kimetsu no Yaiba (by Japanese) ]: Infinite Train" is currently being screened.In the income of performance, it has already surpassed "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone". From “Demon Slayer Infinite Train” The main story is "Exterminate the demon" and "Regain the younger sister who became a … Continue reading The affair between “SHOKUGAN” and “UKIYO-E”(#13)