The apology & black suits are strange in Japan(#1)

Recently, Japanese actor Yusuke Iseya, who was arrest by having marijuana,
was released on bail. How do you feel when you appeared in a well-tailored black suit?
Not long ago, the popular YouTuber, who name Tenchimu uploaded to YouTube to apologize.
Iseya is like going to a funeral, and Tenchimu looks like a college student to job hunting from now on.

At this kind of press conference these days,
it seems that they are wearing black-based suits regardless of gender.
On the male side, it was a TOKIO press conference, a video message of SMAP before the dissolution.
An interview with Miyasako and so on.
As for men, the culture of suits remains, so color and appearance may not be as emphasized as women.
On the other hand, regarding women, I had the same impression at the press conference of Kumi Koda.

※ TOKIO, SMAP, both is popular musican group, TOKIO apolozed for a scandal about one menber.
Miyasako belongs to be one of japanese comedian “ameagarikessitai”, who apolozied for a relation
with a gang.
Kumi Koda is a woman singer, who apologized women for a gaffe.

By wearing a suit based on the sunken black color, it may be possible to express “modesty”.
However, it’s taken as an extra intention.
This is because the apology and the dress code (= format) are unmatched.

According to an encyclopedia, formal wear refers to “clothes worn for ceremonies.”
In a broad sense, this is a formal outfit worn in ceremonial occasions.
The reason why it’s necessary formal is to encourage the persons to sink their individuality by themselves.
Black means “to stand up one and ultimately make yourself inconspicuous”.
That’s to bring out ” the leading”.
In the Islamic world, black is one of the Arab colors (black, white, red, green).
It is said to be the color that represents the Prophet Muhammad.
Muslim means “obeying to God”

Yes, “black” symbolizes the role of “Kuroko”,
that the man dressed in black clothes behind the scenes in Kabuki.
However, the apology was held as the leading in wearing a flash.
It is wearing the soberest clothese to be conspicuous.
It’s so strange,or ridiculous, seems that one really reflects on it.

Just like a recruitment suit of university students in Japan
There are endless cases of unknowingly entering code that forces bad looks.
It’s a shame that it has become a bad practice, a culture, and no one doubts it.

In the first place, the suit itself is a convenient code system that artificially to sink one’s individuality.
There is a difference between doing it with knowing and doing it without knowing it.
If you deviate, you have to know the mainstream, which will be true for everything!



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