Chinos and Jeans live in society together and each other(#3)

French soccer first division league “Ligue 1”,
3th section, Paris Saint-Germain vs. Olympique de Marseille
Neymar,Jr., who belongs to Paris Saint-Germain, toward Hiroki Sakai of Japan
said to discriminative words during the match were controversial.
Apparently, it was a saying like “Chino de mierda (shit, Chinese)” .
It seems to be angry about it on SNS is especially in Europe or China, not Japan.
Actually the treatment in Japan is not big.
Also, there is no comment to protest from Sakai.
Previously in the Belgian League in 2011,
Kawashima, who is a Japanese Goalkeeper,
made the strong protest against the heckling
about the Fukushima nuclear accident from the audience severely.

I’m sure it’s because if one get angry, he’ll make so rude to somobody.

Earlier this year, when COVID-19 was still a limited infection,
there was a few stories that Japanese was called “Chinese”,”Cnino”and”Corona”
during staying outside of East Asia.

Then I thought if the word “Chino” is like “Niger” or “Indian”,
it may contain a discriminatory meaning derived from a place name.
At that time, will “chinos” be forced to change the name?

The “Chinos” is from China.
The khaki color of cotton fabric was called “Chino Cloth“,
and used as uniforms for the 19th century British and French Army.
The Chino Cloth is inspired by the pants worn by Chinese farmers(but there are various theories).
The Army’s uniform was white before, so dirties on the White is noticeable on the contrary)
In other words, a name of Chinos is one of the remains of the imperialist era.

“Chinos” is now a staple of fashion items over the world,
but from the standpoint, it’s whether to be a derogatory or not.

By the way, it’s been a long time and accepted light clothing from Japanese society.
And chinos is one of the symbol of company’s casualization of Japan.
On the other hand,
“jeans (denim fabric pants)” yet have a deep-rooted feeling of being “sloppy” by the society
in spite of the “light clothing”.
Breifly Jeans NG is one of the Japanese mysterious rules.
Jeans is during the gold rush in the US, it was as work clothes for miners provided by Levi’s.
So it’s the cloth for all workers!

The origin of both is dirty.
However, for some reason, Jeans seems not to be suitable for casual feelings of Japan.
It’s also mysterious,
perhaps it may remain as a symbol of the “postwar” inferiority complex and disgust.
The large influx of jeans is because of the influence of GHQ.
After the part that grew up as a fashion item in “young ages” walked alone,
it may still hide in Japanese mind.
Therefore, even if there is no sense of discrimination,
it may blend in with the culture and become deep-rooted.

The origin is uniform or not, at a level that does not hurt others,
there may remain discriminating against someone.
If it’s clarified, all is informal except the fixed code(formal dress cord).
Not just the words and deeds that hide the problems, but it may be in these unconscious rules.



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